Across The Fells

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Across the fells.jpg

Across The Fells


Artist - Alex Ebdon

Medium - Acrylic on Wooden Panel

Size - 73cm x 85cm

Commissions Accepted: Yes

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About the artist:

Alex’s work is all about capturing the moment. The moment that a glance or expression perfectly describes a person. The moment that nature reveals a second of striking beauty in a landscape. The moment that elements combine and conspire to turn the mundane into the majestic. We live in times of constant change. But the moments that really strike us are ones we commit to memory. They become enduring parts of us, bringing joy to us every time we recall them. Alex’s work is about capturing these and returning the viewer to them with heightened emotion.

Alex creates paintings, drawings and prints across a range of media, united by a figurative style that uses a broad colour palette to express the intensity of the moments he seeks to capture. All pieces rely upon first-hand experience, but also use photography extensively in the process to capture the exact moments that really express a person or scene.

The beautiful moments in life are gone as quickly as they appear. Alex’s work seeks to find them, hold them, and through this enrich the viewer’s emotional experience of the world we live in.