Top 5 Most Romantic Vegetarian Restaurants (not Cafes!) In London

Those of you with little people will know, opportunities to go out on a date with the other half are few and far between. I obviously love a bit of luxury with fabulous interiors and am happy to eat pretty much everything. The hubby on the other hand likes things to be a bit more simple, good hearty meal and he is happy. We are both veggie so that makes things even more of a struggle. Usually we opt for cocktails somewhere nice (check out my favourite cocktail hang outs here) and end up grabbing a burrito or a falafel wrap before heading home at the ungodly hour of 10pm (I know I am so hard core!).

With our wedding anniversary coming up in February, I am trying to plan an evening where we can drink and eat in one place, and here is my short list!

  1. Farmacy London

    “ Let food be thy Medicine and Medicine be thy food” With a slogan like that you would be forgiven to think this is your typical hippie style veggie cafe. However this little gem in the heart of Notting Hill has really elegant decor in a non pretentious relaxed setting. With Currys, Burgers and Tacos on the menu, I know it will tick all the boxes for Hubby too!

image via Code Hospitality

image via Code Hospitality

2. The Palomar

Serving a modern day Jerusalem menu, there are plenty of options for vegetarians and the decor is super classy with parquet floors and gorgeous royal blue banquette seating. Situated in theatreland, I may combine this with a show. He has been wanting to see the Book of Mormon for a while and I really want to see Aladdin… now to convince him!

image via Time out

image via Time out

3. Nopi

Another great pre-theatre option, Nopi offers a fuss free dinner in relaxed surroundings. Not as elegant as the others on my list but the decor is still very classy. Veggie options are a plenty and the menu is creative and interesting, I am quite looking forward to a “Spice is Right” cocktail!

nopi london romantic restaurant vegetarian

4. Mildreds

I have been here a few times and it never does disspoint. The food is always great and the atmosphere is always buzzing and energetic. If you have never been the “Fig Manhattan” Cocktail is a must try (especially for those like me that love a Jameson!)

mildreds camden veggie restaurant london romantic.jpg

5. Cantino Laredo

Hubby took me here a few years ago on my birthday (I think!) and I remember thinking “argh another tex mex”. Well I could not have been more wrong. This place is really Mexican with a difference. There are plenty of veggie options and the ambience feels really high end without being overly pretentious. Service was impeccable and I still remember having a few too many Margaritas! I don’t normally like to go anywhere twice, we are so lucky i London that there are so many places to see and taste! But for Laredo, I might make an exception!

CantinaLaredo london restaurant romantic veggie.jpg

So what do you think? If you have any other recommendations that would fit the requirements:

  1. Veggie options

  2. Big portions

  3. Beautiful interiors

  4. Romantic

  5. Not a cafe!

Do let me know! Till then it is going to take me a while to make a decision, so wish me luck!

Natasha x

Lighting Brands to Look out for 2018/19

Lighting is one of the most exciting and fundamental aspects of interior design. Engineering and architectural techniques are continually evolving and the result is unique, creative and outstanding designs in lighting. There are so many lighting brands to watch out for that I would never be able to list them all. I have highlighted some of my favourites here, but as always would love to hear from you to see what has caught your eye recently!

Marc Wood Studio

Bohemian Crystal Glassware meets beautiful British craftsmanship to create timeless designs such as the Pleated Crystal collection shown below. I love the simplicity and elegance of the design. Pieces are created on a project basis, and I would love to see these used as a statement light within a cluster, or as low level lighting over intimate table settings in a restaurant environment. POA 

image via Marc Wood Studio

image via Marc Wood Studio


Producing high spec, designer LED lighting, the applications for Novalux products is endless. The below scheme has been created by adding strip LED lighting to channels within the ceiling. Visit the website, to find your nearest stockist of Novalux products.

TOP TIP! If you are thinking about contemporary lighting schemes such as this, it is vital you create a lighting design prior to the first fix so that the wiring and electrical points can be arranged accordingly!
image via Novalux

image via Novalux

Wever and Ducre

Wever and Ducre are a Belgian design company that specialise in what I call "Cozy LED lighting".  Their designs are centred around how you feel in a space, and is something I agree passionately with! No point in beautiful design if it doesn't make you feel amazing!

image via Wever and Ducre

image via Wever and Ducre


Track lighting is seriously something to watch out for, it is coming back in a massive way and it's not just for industrial application! The versatility and flexibility of the Xal system really stood out to me, in that there are so many options to create so many different looks! It has residential applications but the use in retail environments such as the Victorinox Store below, means that the lighting design is easily adaptable as the layout is changed on a seasonal basis!

victorinox Flagship store, germany image via XAL

victorinox Flagship store, germany image via XAL

Bert and Frank

I cannot say enough how important it is to follow your design values and personality to create schemes that will be timeless and you will love forever. Bert and Frank share this ethos in creating lighting designs that they say "will age with you". The British lighting brand create industrial inspired pieces with a modern twist, creating elegant and timeless lighting.

Bert and Frank Triarc Chandelier £1,768, image via Bert and Frank

Bert and Frank Triarc Chandelier £1,768, image via Bert and Frank

J Adams & Co

Those of you that loved my recent blog on edison bulbs (read here!), will love the offerings London based J Adams & Co. Their boxed wall lights look traditional yet quirky and would fit well in an industrial or rustic scheme.

image via J Adams & Co. Cedar Wall Light £639

image via J Adams & Co. Cedar Wall Light £639


Delighfull have been on my suppliers list for a while, as they have continuously brought out exceptional designs in lighting. I wanted to add this to the list due to their Coltrane pendant shown below. It is beautifully crafted and is the perfect statement light in contemporary hotel decor. Above all they are a company that are passionate about their products and love to push boundaries in design, creating beautifully unique designs.

image via Delightfull £POA

image via Delightfull £POA

What did you think? Any designers you are itching to check out and use in your next project? I would love to know! 

Edison Bulbs - What is all the fuss about?

thomas edison lighting design.jpg

Ok people time for a little history lesson! So this guy here is Mr Thomas Edison. There are many theories as to whether or not he was the first to invent the lightbulb. Fact is he was a genius marketer and businessman and had access to a lot of money, from the likes of J.P.Morgan and the affluent Vanderbilt family. So first or not, he was the one that was able to invest in his inventions to come up with something we recognise in the modern world!

In 1880 he had managed to create a long lasting filament that most importantly was affordable to the mass market.

So why is the Edison Bulb so on trend now?!

Well in the 1960s, the powers that be decided to move away from the traditional light bulbs to a more eco friendly option. Traditional incandescent bulbs only converted 10% of the energy into light, the rest was given off as heat! The LEDs were born and took the world by storm, they were compact and long lasting and much more energy efficient!

Modern design however, has been able to merge the two together. The aesthetics of the traditional Edison bulb teamed with the efficiency of LED has now created a gorgeous era of lighting for the modern age! 

Vintage LED Edison Bulb From

Vintage LED Edison Bulb From

These Vintage smoke glass bulbs from Industville are so beautiful and perfect for creating a warm and rustic ambience. Note that you should select the correct lightbulb in accordance to how much light you need in the room. Some bulbs emit a very soft warm glow so would not be suitable for areas which are required to be well lit.

Eichholtz Hanging bulb lights by  Oroa

Eichholtz Hanging bulb lights by Oroa

Industrial design is favoured in many commercial design projects due to the simplistic design and ease of cleaning. This is often overlooked but is vital to ensure compliance to health and safety standards. 

The end result is clean, simple and easy to maintain but warm and inviting at the same time. The perfect lighting solution in restaurant design!

I personally love Edison bulbs and their versatility, but mostly I love that they are a statement to modern design and how lighting has evolved. Would love to know what you think of them?

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