Why is it so important to match your commercial decor to your branding?

I recently had the pleasure to eat at Mayfair hotspot, Lokhandwala, a twist on Indian Tapas. It is one of those places that if you didn't know to look for it, you wouldn't know it was there. Tucked away in the heart of Fitzrovia, the facade of Lokhandwala lends itself to mystery and intrigue. Decorated with low lighting, discreet gold signage and an abundance of greenery outside. Immediately I felt transported to the "Secret Garden", a book I love and read so many times as a girl.

Lokhandwala shop front.jpg

On entering the restaurant, the feeling of nostalgia continued with the floral arrangements hung from the ceiling and across the walls. A warm welcome and we were sat at our table in near "Vijay's Hothouse".

Lokhandwala fitzrovia restaurant design.jpg

The experience is made exciting with the story of heartbreak detailed in the menus. Was Lady Charlotte betrayed by Vijay or did she imagine the whole love affair? Readers are transported to the bygone era of colonial India, forced to question what happened next? The romance abruptly ends and you are taken away from Lady Charlotte's, ornate tea gardens and turn to face Vijay's Speak Easy Lounge. The experience made true by the change in decor and lighting. From floral arrangements and decorative panelling on the walls, the speak easy lounge is in contrast colourful, well lit and full of hidden betrayal!

Restaurant design lokhandwala fitzrovia.jpg

The food of course was fantastic and the service to match, but what really made the whole experience special for me, was how everything worked so well in harmony. There is real attention to detail in the Lokhandwala brand and this is followed through in all areas of the restaurant. So much so that most people would not even notice, they expect a secret tea garden and that is exactly what they get.

bar design lokhandwala london.jpg

Why is it so important to ensure the decor and design of your restaurant,  ties in with your branding? 

To create this seamless experience for your clients. If you have created a story full of romance and passion of the bygone era, don't make the mistake of adding contemporary lights and art work, this will get noticed, but certainly not in a beneficial way!

Love what you see? Find Lokhandwala at http://www.lokhandwala.co.uk/

Are you thinking of redesigning your restaurant, or looking to open something in the near future? I hope this helps you think about why design is so important, but if you need to discuss further, contact me and see how I can help you!