What is the new buzz word for 2018? Ikigai of course!

Pronounced ee-kee-gah-ee, the japanese lifestyle of Ikigai has been branded the Hygge of 2018! So what's it all about?

In essence, your Ikigai is your motivator, the thing that drives you, the thing that makes you want to get up and go every morning, your life's' mission!

The new year will see many of you thinking about the year ahead, and how you want to make your life better in some way. Be it a new job, a new partner or a new rug! To get there you can do one of two things:

1. Daze into the air and imagine how perfect your life would be if you married Channing Tatum.

pssssssttttt!!! Over here!! FOCUS!!!!

pssssssttttt!!! Over here!! FOCUS!!!!

2. Write down goals and see things through, to make sure you get to that award ceremony and meet Channing himself!

So which one will you do? Finding your Ikigai in terms of lifestyle is all around creating an environment in order to create a harmonic and optimum life. As it becomes the new "trend" you will no doubt be bombarded with articles on what it is, and what sofa you need, in order to feel perfectly Zen and achieve an ideal Ikigai lifestyle. As you know, I am not really into following trends, but have always believed that your space should help your lifestyle in every way possible. So I have listed below my top tips on finding your Ikigai and have cut the faff!

1. Sit in a quiet space and close your eyes for at least 10 minutes. 

What comes up? Unless you are a yoga guru or meditate regularly, having a clear mind when you do this is virtually impossible. What you want to aim for though is thoughts that are not a mish mash of your crush from 10 years ago to what you are eating for dinner today.


Try and really focus down to the present moment. What do you love? What do you hate? What would be your ideal life? Why do you work? What could be done to get you the job you truly desire? How could you take steps to make enough money to buy all the beautiful things you are lusting for? Ikigai is also going back to the bare basics of your self, in our hectic lifestyles, it is something so easily forgotten!

2. Write that sh#* down!

image credit: Picklebums

image credit: Picklebums

Grab a piece of paper and brain dump everything that came out of your quiet session. I cannot stress enough how amazing it feels to put pen to paper! 

Once you have done that, sort through everything, what is achievable now? What could be achievable this year? What could be your goal to achieve in 5 years etc etc. You get the idea! Having something visual in front of you will really help you focus your attention and in turn become your Ikigai!

3. Take Action

take action.png

Now you know exactly what you want , go get it!! Now you know the type of life you want, you will be in a better position to work out what your ideal space will look like. That living room you spotted on instagram looked amazing, but does it fit into your vision? Does that living room really work if I want to have a party every weekend? Very quickly you will be able to work out what it is that your truly desire, this will manifest in you creating a life that is perfect for you (even if it does mean you don't get Channing Tatum!)

4. Need help

You have tried the whole "clear your mind and focus thing", but you just can't do it! That is because you are so super awesome doing everything you have to do, it's bloody hard! I know because I have been there, but I can also let you in on a little secret. I use affirmations to get me through. Why not try them out? I won't hold it against you if you get distracted by the beautiful jewellery available here either ;)


You are in the right frame of mind and you know exactly what you want. But you want so much there just isn't enough time in the day to do everything! I feel your pain! I can't help with getting you Channing (sorry, he's married!) But! I can help you create your ideal space. Hit the button below and let's see how! 

Natasha xx