Top 5 Tips when Choosing colours for your Scheme

Choosing paint colours are one of the hardest decisions to make when redecorating. How many of you have bought endless supplies of tester pots, splashed them on the walls to create a masterpiece. Make the decision, only to realise that once it is finished, you either hate it or it looks nothing like the tester splodge you fell in love with? If this sounds familiar, read my top 5 tips to choosing colours and never make the same mistake again!


1. What colour do I get?

Before you even arm yourself with a magnitude of paint chips and tester pots, how do you choose what colour will work best in the room?

Selecting a scheme for your room is difficult but not impossible! Look at the room carefully, and ask yourself: What do I love most in this room? What do I dislike? How much natural light is there? Which area of the room do we spend the most time in? the answers to all these questions will really help you in the overall design scheme. Lets start off with what you most like in the room. If it is a painting for example, analyse the colours used and see what attracts you the most. This will form the basis of your scheme.

Once you have decided on colours, you now need to select the shade for the walls. The primary colours (Red, Blue, Yellow) form the basis of each paint colour. Even whites will have either a red, blue or yellow base. This is very important and is the number one reason why people are unhappy with a colour once it goes on the wall. Look at the paint chips, they always start from the deepest primary colour to its corresponding shades. If you choose a "white" from a blue chip for example you will notice a blue undertone in the paint in natural light.  

2. Applying your tester pot.


Always apply your tester in different areas of the room. This will give you a much better understanding of how it looks in different lights.

When applying, always ensure you have a base coat of white to see its truest colour. Then apply the test colour in a very thin layer, allow to dry and reapply with a second coat.

The biggest mistake I see people make, is to apply paint testers on too thick or too thin and the result is very misleading!

3. Leave the test area for at least a week. This will allow the paint to cure and give you its true colour pigment. Another reason this is a good idea, is for you to see the colour at different times of day and in natural and artificial light. Its amazing how different some colours can look!

4. If you decide to get colours mixed, ensure that you buy more than you need. Each batch of colour mix can vary even a fraction, which may give the overall room a patchy effect. Another risk is the stockist running out of a particular colour or even worse discontinuing it!

5. My final tip is to ensure you employ a qualified decorator. If you are doing it yourself, invest in good quality paintbrushes, prime the walls correctly and always apply a base coat. The final finish is worth the hard work!


Have you had any good or bad experiences when choosing paint colours? Would love to hear from you!