5 Top tips to make Art Work for you!

It is easy to feel threatened by art, especially if you are purchasing from a gallery or an art dealer. You may feel awkward in asking about colour and composition and it is easy to feel out of your depth entirely when faced with artwork that isn’t generic wall art from the high street.

How do you dare to be creative in your choices while choosing pieces that you love? Here are 5 foolproof tips to help you out.

1)     Choose the art you love, not the art that is in fashion

Fashion trends in art come and go. The Style of Artwork you like may not be in fashion, but if you like it, GO FOR IT. Art should make you happy and be emotive. Think about something you will always treasure, no matter what how the decor changes. Artwork can become family heirlooms and be passed on from generation to generation, how would you want to be remembered?

Paintings of large estate homes were often passed down for generations  Photo credit: Jessica Rose - Syon House

Paintings of large estate homes were often passed down for generations

Photo credit: Jessica Rose - Syon House

2) Think about complimenting your colour scheme

Now, of course I don’t mean choose artwork based on the colour of your living room walls. That would be madness and you would end up with artwork that might compliment those Elephant’s Breath walls perfectly, but that will look out of place with your style and will date as you change decor.

But choosing artwork that subtly matches the colour scheme of your room can work wonders for bringing a look together.

contrasting artwork

This beautiful piece ties in the colour scheme of the room whilst still being a stark contrast to the dark printed wallpaper.

3) Shop Around!

If you have never had much of an interest in art until now, how do you find out about great new artists? The Internet can be a fantastic resource for finding a style or an artist that you like.

Visit art galleries, so many amazing galleries are free to visit, the British Museum and The Tate for example. Try and find pieces that reach out to you, evoke emotion, and from there find the style that you love. In addition keep an eye out for local exhibitions in your area, there is a huge host of talented artists out there waiting to be discovered!

Some public spaces often showcase local art work. Next time you go out for a coffee, take a look at the pieces on display, ask the owners where they are from, you may just find what you are looking for!

Search on the internet for the type of art you feel like you may want, there is such a mahoooosive amount to choose from. Look out on specialist websites such as Etsy and support small businesses while you are shopping!

If that all sounds like too much work, click on the "Buy Art" tab on the Blue Feather Design Studio website, and explore some amazing work by talented British artists!

Phot credit: David Wiseman

Phot credit: David Wiseman


4) Think about framing

A great piece of art needs a great frame. Sometimes the artist or gallery will choose a frame which best suits the piece and sometimes you can have input on how to frame it yourself.

picture frames

Think about which frame will suit your décor – an ornate gold frame would look fantastic in a Victorian home packed with original features but would look out of place in a minimalist environment – but sometimes, a clash in style might be just what you are looking for!

5) Size matters

Do you want a gallery wall of smaller pieces of art, or would you like to  go for one, large, statement piece as a wow factor?

Each has it’s own merit. A large, statement piece can create a feeling of opulence in a room, drawing your eye to a feature wall.

A gallery wall of smaller pieces of art lets you mix and match. Maybe you want to mix classical art with bold pieces of modern lettering? Would you like to mix and match frame styles or canvas prints? The choice is yours and a gallery wall can be as eccentric or as classical as you would like, and can be a great choice if your taste in art is eclectic.

Photo credit: West Elm

Photo credit: West Elm

This gallery wall uses different sized artwork and mismatched frames to create a stunning and interesting focal point for the room.

Don’t forget to take a look at some of the wonderful art that you can buy through Blue Feather Design Studio. Take a look, be inspired and let me know what your favourites are!

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