Top 10 Coffee Table Books every Design lover needs!

Those who have followed my journey for a while, know I am a book geek. So, on World Book Day, instead of sharing my most innovative hand made costumes, I thought I would share the coffee table books I cannot do without! 

The key to a great coffee table is two fold. They need to have beautiful covers as essentially they form part of your accessories and they need to have exciting titles. I mean there is not much use having a book on "How to take care of your accounts", unless of course you like that sort of thing!! 

1. Jazz Covers by Joaquim Paulo

Featuring the sexiest album covers of perhaps the sexiest era in history, Jazz covers is literally what it says on the tin! A collection of beautiful designed album covers that helped shape the music of love! Ever wondered who designed the album cover of your Rudy Van Gelder vinyl? This book is for you!

jazz-covers-coffee table book.jpg

2. Beauty Surround us

A stunning collection of quotes and photographs showcasing the beauty that we may take for granted. 

beauty surrounds us coffee table book.jpg

3. Vitamin P2 New perspectives in Painting

Featuring over 115 contemporary artists from around the world, this book is great for anyone that wants a visual feast or is looking to learn more about modern day art. Be prepared to look at the world with a different mind set!

vitamin coffee table book.jpg


4. Chanel

No coffee table would be complete without this! The epitome of class and seductive design is showcased in this beautiful book. 

chanel coffee table book.jpg

5. Alexander McQueen

On of the most daring and provocative designers of our time, this stunning book illustrates the inspiration behind his iconic creations.

alexander mcqueen coffee table book.jpg

6. Damascus Tiles

Exploring the extraordinary art of islamic geometry, this book takes us on the historic journey of the tiles in Damascus. A beautiful reference book and a must for your coffee table!

Damascus tiles coffee table week.jpg


7. Works

A works biography of the French brothers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, regarded as the most exciting European designers of the last two decades! A really inspiring read with a beautifully designed cover.

works coffee table book.jpg

8. Tom Ford

The man that turned around the likes of Gucci and YSL needs no introduction. He documents his visions in creating iconic brands in an effortless and eternally sensual way. Can you tell I am a humungous fan?!

Tom ford coffee table book.jpg

9. Textiles - The Art of Mankind

Over a thousand stunning images of textiles from around the world. Not a light book by any means, as not only is it a visual feast, it is a great reference tool for anyone interested in textiles. Every page you turn takes you to a different world with its stunning imagery.

textiles coffee table book.jpg

10. Living with Pattern

I have left this one till last. It is by no means the best coffee table book you will buy, but it holds a special place in my heart. I was given this when I lacked direction in my business. I knew that I always loved colour and pattern, but this book reinforced it at the time I needed it most. Rebecca Atwood mimicked everything I love about interior design and put it all in a book (what felt like) just for me! So I have added this to the list as a thank you for helping me realise my dreams and create Blue Feather Design Studio!

living with pattern coffee table book.jpg

If you have any of these books or have been inspired to get one, I would love to know which? I have a passion for beautiful books and this World Book Day I am chuffed to bits to be able to share them with you!

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