Snow White Interiors and How to Make them work for you!

London is at a standstill with only an inch or so of snow, but it made me stop to appreciate the beauty of it all. What I love the most, is the purity of the white against the dark bark of the trees or the white caps on top of the lush green leaves. Poetic right?! 

I tell my clients who worry about how to use colour, that if you see it in nature you can see it in your interiors, and it will alway work! Think about it, blue and white interiors are my weakness (think summer skies) add a pop of red (think roses) and you have a stunning scheme! So how can we apply this principle to white? Take a walk outside if you can and try and see what parts of the landscape stick out to you most, apply this to your interiors and you will have a scheme you will fall in love with! 

On that note I will leave you with some Snow White Inspiration!


Bright and Bold Furniture

White walls and floors make the perfect backdrop for a beautiful bright statement chair!

pink armchair interior design.jpg

This bright white kitchen is made more interesting with a collection of colourful chairs in a variety of designs. This works really well if you focus the colours in one area (like the dining table in this case) as it creates interest and breaks up the solid block of white.

white dining room.jpg

Bright Splashback in a Kitchen

White kitchens are classic and give a lovely clean and minimal feel to the space. But it can feel too clinical, this can be easily fixed however by adding a lovely bright splashback. It is possible to choose from an amazing variety of colours and designs in splashbacks now, so you can really go wild! This tangerine orange scheme is replicated through the back panels in the cabinetry too to create a unified finish.

white kitchen with colour design.jpg

Beautiful Bold Bright Rugs!

There is quite possibly nothing I love more than a gorgeous rug, and the wonderful thing is they are incredibly versatile. Any room can be brought to life with a colourful rug, don't restrict yourself to playrooms and nurserys though. Try experimenting with a bold rug in a boring hallway and you will get an instant wow factor!

white nursery design.jpeg
white hallway with colourful rug.jpg


My favourite way to brighten up a space and create a designer feel is through Artwork. A white backdrop creates the ideal base for a beautiful work of art. Be sure to choose a piece that resonates with you and invest in a piece wisely. Not only will it create a talking point in your home, it will be treasured for generations to come. Check out the wonderful artwork for sale on the Blue Feather Design Platform here.

white space with artwork.jpg

I hope you found this helpful and it will inspire you to experiment with colour in your homes! If you enjoyed this and would like some more tips on how to style your home, grab your free guide below!