Restaurant Review - Patri Ealing

There are some days when you need a night out with the girls, but are just too tired to head into town. The risk in staying local of course is finding a place that ticks all the boxes.

  • Will the food kill me?

  • Is it easy to get to?

  • Can I get a half decent glass of wine?

  • Is the decor good enough not to distract me from my food (ok this one is probably just me, but there have been too many times where I have felt my energy levels being sucked out of me, knowing the space had so much more potential!)

We really don’t ask for much do we?!

A week or so ago, a few of my nearest and dearest girls went to a new joint in Ealing called Patri. Now I have to tell you, cooking indain food nearly every day means if I go to an indian restaurant, it has to be REALLY good!

First impressions, the place is small, but the atmosphere feels lively, we had a booth by the window so it felt like we had plenty of space to spread out with bags and coats!

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Decor wise, it is industrial, raw and rustic. Exposed brick walls, wooden benches and pipe work lighting give the restaurant a relaxed but chic vibe.

Menu is simple and clear with a good variety on offer for both the veggies and the meat eaters (our group had a mix, so this is always a big bonus!). We started with Pani puri bombs and achari paneer tikka. Both were really flavoursome and not too filling. Don’t you always hate it when you stuff the starters and have no appetite for the mains?!

On to the mains and we were kindly advised by the charming owner Puneet (who personally served us) that the dishes we ordered were to similar, “so perhaps we would like to go for this instead”. It is pretty usual to be told to buy extra but not so often you get told to change dishes. The advice was welcomed and the recommended dish of Shakarkandi Kale Chaat blew us away! It is a unique dish that I for one had not come across before. The flavours complemented each other beautifully , the perfect mix of tanginess, spice and sweetness. Definitely one I would recommend trying!

The girlfriend chaat ordered by one of my spice lover friends was the only questionable item. The heat factor was ridiculously high and some what over took the flavours of the dish itself. Of course the menu does warn you, this is not for the feint hearted so perhaps this one is best left to the chilli junkies! Do let me know if you manage this one!

Of course it is imperative to get a good glass of wine with a good indian meal. The wine selection at Patri is one that Puneet is particularly proud of. Each wine is carefully selected to pair well with the indian flavours..

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It was lovely to catch up with Puneet and his vision for Patri. His passion for food is clearly evident and it really comes across in each of the dishes. The design of the restaurant is his own and is created through a lot of blood sweat and tears! The attention to detail is beautiful and every corner although small is creative and in line with the Indian train station theme. As much as I adore the interiors in the famous Dishoom, I have to admit the authenticity of the food in Patri deserves more praise than what I ate in Dishoom.

All in all we had a wonderful night and I would highly recommend it to anyone fancying a good authentic Indian experience, not just if you are local! Do comment below with your experiences, would love to know what you think!

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Disclaimer. This review is completely independent and is in no way endorsed by Patri