On Trend indoor plants that you cannot Kill!

Anyone that knows me, will know that I am awful at looking after plants. No exageration you buy me a plant, I will kill it by touching it #plantmurderer! Lucky for me though the other half has magical green fingers so we have a gorgeous garden and lots of indoor plants too yippee!! Why am I telling you this? Well it won't be a surprise to you to know that indoor plants are hot in interior trends right now, you only have to check out pinterest and Instagram right now to see them everywhere! From beautiful potted flowers and ferns to art prints, you have everything to make your homes and workplaces into a botanical paradise. If you are anything like me, you may be lost in a virtual rainforest and have no idea what to get. Don't stress, check out my list below to help you on your way, and to make it even more exciting these plants are pretty hard to murder!!

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera Bathroom design London.jpg

One of my favourite plants in the universe, Aloe not only looks super lush, but has a huge amount of health benefits to match!

I use the gel inside the leaves to treat burns, rashes and spots! You can't miss the fact that aloe products are in numerous beauty products everywhere. Having the plant at home, will actually save you bags of money too!! Place it in your bedroom to aid sleep, or on your kitchen window sill, so it's accessible in case of kitchen mishaps!

2. Swiss Cheese Plant

swiss cheese plant.jpg

I love cheese and this one won't even add to my waistline!! Just watch out, as its scientific name "Monstera Deliciosa" suggests, it can be quite a large plant, so its not one for the window sill. However placed in a cozy corner of your living room it has the ability to add a real statement to your interiors!

3. Dracaena deremensis Lemon Lime

Dracaena deremensis Lemon Lime.jpg

This plant is such a gorgeous shade of green and reminds me of palm trees and beaches. It is a air purifying plant so has obvious health benefits, but what I love the most is if I forget to water it, it won't hold it against me!!

4. Howea forsteriana Palm

Howea forsteriana Palm.jpg

Transform your living room into a tropical paradise, just be wary that some plants can reach up to 3m in height!

5. Strelitzia Plant Bird Of Paradise

Strelitzia Plant Bird Of Paradise.jpg

I have indeed saved the best for last, I mean the picture says it all, but those colours are just to die for! This is a stunning ornamental plant, they do however sometimes take years to flower, but I reckon it's well worth the wait, don't you?!

So thats my top 5 for you, easy to look after and super sexy indoor plants. To really bring in the wow factor, keep a look out for some of the beautiful pots on the market. Use metallic tones to contrast the greens of he foliage and you have yourself a statement piece in a pot!

Do let me know what you think and if you have one of these in your home I would love to see!

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