How Disney can help you in your life and Business!

Those of you who have ever had the pleasure of meeting me will know I’m bonkers about Disney. I have recently discovered the purpose of having children is so I am able to watch Disney films over and over and over, without any judgement! Since launching my business, and through my journey of self discovery, I have also found how relevant Disney is to all parts of life (how did I not realise this sooner?!) “Natasha you have officially lost the plot!” I hear you cry, well have a read of my “top 5 Disney quotes that apply to life” and let me know if I have managed to change your mind!


  1. “...there’s more to see than can ever be seen, more to do than can ever be done...through faith and love we can find our place...” – Lion Ling


    So admit it, how many of you have said “What the bleep am I doing?” Whether that means in your daily routine of a 9 to 5, when you are trying to launch a new business, or when you have come across a difficult client/relative/boss! It’s so easy to forget what our aspirations were as a child, what we wanted to be when we “grow up”, places we wanted to visit. Take the animals kingdoms advice and explore the world around you, try new food, buy that sofa you have always wanted. If you can’t do it right now have the faith that it will happen if you work at it and have the support of your loved ones. That Rafiki is a wise one isn’t he?


2. “ ... I can’t go back to where I used to be, every turn there is a surprise...” – Aladdin

       This one is for all of you that have managed to break free, and has nothing to do with my mad crush on Aladdin! It’s so hard to leave your comfort zone and go after something you have always wanted. Those last few kilos you need to lose, the crippling depression, that relative that drives you insane, the partner that has never supported your dreams, breaking free is bloody hard work, but once you do you, you know you won’t allow yourself to go back to that horrid place. You never know you might even find a magic carpet?


3. “..Look at the world around you, such wonderful things around you. What more are you looking for?” – Little Mermaid

In the daily grind it is often easy to lose sight of all the things we should be grateful for and get a tad obsessed with everything we haven’t got. My beautiful friend Nicola Rae Wickham at A life more inspired introduced me to a gratitude journal. In this (whenever I remember to!) I write down everything I feel grateful for that particular day; getting to a meeting on time, having an amazing meal, spending time with my husband. However small it is, be grateful for everything you have and remember the people that are dying and are on the streets. Your problems will really be put into perspective and in turn it makes you feel so much happier, almost as happy as being a mermaid would!

4. “ Look for the bare necessities of life and they will come to you...” – Jungle Book

Again this is all about contentment in what you have already and not feeling unhappy about what you don’t. Who sang the bare necessities while doing a wiggle when they read that? No Just me?

5. “Its time to see what I can do, test the limits and break through” – Frozen

Anyone with younger children especially girls will know this one word for word. I absolutely love how Disney have embraced a strong female character, but anyway that can be another blog post! Once you have worked out your issues and take the plunge to move out of your comfort zone, there literally is no limit to what can be achieved, the only thing holding you back is YOU! Test the limits, plough through and rock that braid like Elsa (just be careful you don’t knock yourself out with it!)

6. “Wouldn’t you think I’m the girl that has everything?” – Little Mermaid

As women I find that we are constantly comparing ourselves to the “perfect woman” whether that is Nigella Lawson, Kate Moss or that mum that looks like she has just come off a catwalk on the school run. Just take a minute to realise there is no such thing and every single one of us has their own crap to deal with, soon celebs will seem a lot less out of reach. I really do wish I could swing my hips like Jasmine and sing like Ariel though...

7. “When there’s a smile in your heart, there’s no better time to start, you can fly!” – Peter Pan

If you have managed to read this far, yes I know this is number 7 of my top 5, I Just can’t help myself, sorry not sorry! But also know you will have felt grateful for all you have, won’t be afraid to karate chop those fears of moving forward, and will be strutting around like you own the world. So there’s not much more to say other than keep smiling, start that interior project you have been putting off for so long (if you are too busy strutting, you know who to call!) and now you can fly and smash those goals you have set yourself!!

Have I converted you to a mad Disney Fan yet? What’s your favourite quote and what would you add? Would absolutely love to hear from you!


Natasha xxx