Decking - What do you need to know? (Advertorial)

With summer around the corner, us brits love nothing more than to plan a BBQ in the sunshine! If you have a lawn or a garden at home, it is a great place to relax in the afternoons and take in some sun. The one issue I hear people repeat over and over? My garden is too embarrassing to invite people over! Look I get it, if you follow me on social media you will have seen my hashtag #plantkiller. So no one understands you more than me, I mean who has the time to maintain a well kept garden??

Outdoor Decking – An ideal solution

Creating outdoor decking and decorating it with some artificial outdoor plants can offer the perfect solution and a setting for you to enjoy the warmth of the summer. The positioning of an outdoor deck can serve as an ideal and beautiful bridge between the indoor and outdoor sections of the house. With a bifold going up in almost every house renovation I see, this is a vital consideration!

Outdoor decks can boost your outdoor living area

Apart from allowing you to enjoy the sun during the summer months, an outdoor deck also allows you to provide a significant boost to your outdoor living space. There are plenty of ideas along with loads of decorative items and furniture to utilize your indoor space efficiently. However, there are very few things that you can do in order to utilize your outdoor space. An outdoor deck allows you the liberty to make use of the available space to make your life more comfortable and cozy.

Enhancing the appearance of your house

A beautifully organised and decorated garden decking can go a long way in making your house look way more beautiful than usual. Just imagine an artificial plant wall behind you while you ease down on a cozy recliner chair. Ah gorgeous isn't it? Well, the simple backdrop of such a wall can make your house exuberate an appearance that is sure to draw plenty of compliments!

My garden is too small!!

I hear you, London homes are tight on space. However you can customise your decking so it does not require oddles of space. You can simply make one according to the amount of space available, and use quality outdoor artificial trees or even real trees to make it look attractive and beautiful. You can also use all kinds of other decorations and outdoor furniture to develop the deck as per your needs and desires.

Is decking an affordable investment?

The maintenance of such decks is also low cost as most of the surface area is covered by wood or similar materials. You can reduce the cost further by using artificial landscaping around the deck. These faux plants and trees do not require any pruning or maintenance apart from a wash every now-and-then to keep them clean. This will make the installation and maintenance of your backyard deck even cheaper and affordable for you. Also, if possess the expertise and skill-sets to take care of the installation by yourself, you can reduce your expenses even further. You can easily get tree stumps for sale online or at a nearby store, and decorate the place yourself.

Important aspects to consider before installing an outdoor deck

There are a few critical aspects that you must consider before you proceed to install the outdoor deck. After all, it involves much more than simply fixing a few wooden planks in place and surrounding them with outdoor artificial plants. So, it is important to make these considerations before getting to the job as it will help you get the job done properly.

Some of these important considerations include:

·        Selection of the location: This is the first (and probably one of the most important) thing to do when installing an outdoor deck at your home. After all, your outdoor deck will become a hotspot in your house. Hence, it is important that you set aside a popular space in your house for the purpose. Moreover, it must also be accessed easily from the inside of your house, most importantly the living room or the family room. This will allow your whole family to use the deck to rest and relax without getting in the way of each other.

·        The size of the deck: You will need to consider the size of the deck you wish to install in your backyard. You might want to make it large in order to accommodate every member of your family at the same time. However, you might also have to consider the size of your backyard for this. If you do not have a particularly large backyard, a huge deck might completely cover your entire backyard.

At the same time, you do not want it to be so small as to lose its prominence in your backyard. It should just be of the perfect size to stand out against the backdrop of your house.

Alternative furniture ideas: Instead of the usual (and sometimes boring) furniture and decorations, try to use alternative and exciting decorations and furniture to spice up the appearance of the place. You could use a fake tree trunk simply for decoration or use it as a stool to sit on. The use of such ideas will make the place look creative and beautiful while not allowing the furniture and decorations to cramp up space.

There are plenty of ideas that you can use to create and decorate an outdoor deck for your use. The ideal thing to do would be to get professional help with the installation. However, if you possess DIY skills, you could well get the job done on your own. So, go ahead and install one in your backyard to bathe in the sun this summer.

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